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We are a female-owned brand that specializes in helping women-owned businesses through bespoke, custom-made digital services. 

Every brand deserves to feel                        

That’s why here at Unica Design we offer everything you need to achieve that. 

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Our mission

is to help others believe in your vision just as much as you do

Your business is unique—you deserve a unique marketing strategy to offer yourself to the world. That’s where Unica comes in.

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Meet the face behind the brand 

Meet Alianna

Starting out as a fashion stylist in the fashion industry I knew I had always had a passion to create and that passion became my purpose. With having a large love for design I was soon introduced to the world of digital marketing and the rest was history. 

Fun fact about me is that I’m a major perfectionist, I have a tendency to people-please but that’s because I value an individual as soon as I meet them, and I love hearing the vision behind my client’s businesses and helping them achieve their vision. That’s the best part. 

I would love to meet with you and have a chat about your brand & vision! You can start by setting up a discovery call and we can see if we make a good fit! 


SHOULD BE DATA-DRIVEN AND STILL FULL OF COMPELLING, CREATIVE DIGITAL CONTENT.We offer a range of services that help businesses thrive in their individual industries.

Social Media Management

Digital Advertising

Custom Content Creation

​​No matter the social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest) or what type of content you want to project (reels, live, stories), we will make sure that your message is being delivered succinctly and powerfully. 

Social Media Management

Digital Advertising

Custom Content Creation

Whether it’s through Google or Facebook, you don’t need to use the “boost” button to reach a wide audience. Instead, let us help you by using strategic marketing and intentional posts to ensure that your ads are reaching your target market and influencing their desires. 

Social Media Management

Digital Advertising

Custom Content Creation

Your dream is to have someone see your graphics and know exactly who you are, what you offer, and where they can get your products. Unica will help you get there.

Working with Unica Design was nothing short of  a dream

Alianna was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and kind. She understood our brand in a way that made us feel like she was an additional partner. Alianna’s eye for detail is unmatched and she’s truly an expert in social media marketing. Her input allowed our channels to grow exponentially and we credit her for that 100%. It is a joy and a gift to be a client of Unica Design . 100 out of 10 experience!"

- Tiffany (CEO of Vows of style)

Women-owned businesses have an important niche in the world today. When a company is created and led by a fierce, forward-thinking, independent female, it gives the business a unique opportunity to bring beauty, lifestyle, and fashion offerings to other women who need a place in the world.