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At Unica, you tell us the vision you have for your company and how you’d like to present yourself to the world. Then, simply sit back and relax while we provide you with real results. 

Effective digital marketing should be data-driven and still full of compelling, digital marketing content. We offer a range of services that help women-owned small businesses thrive in their individual industries.

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Take the first step in booking a discovery call, once we have found the perfect match for your business and you have made the decision to work with us we will then create  a proposal based on your unique digital marketing needs. Finally we will begin the on-boarding process and get you start on your journey to reaching your goals. 


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Social Media Management 

No matter the social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest) or what type of content you want to project (reels, live, stories), we will make sure that your message is being delivered succinctly and powerfully. 

There isn’t a cookie-cutter plan for success. Each small business owner has unique ways that they need their content curated and delivered. Each custom proposal that we offer gives you the full range of what you need without the fillers that don’t apply to you. 

Your marketing should be rooted in a concrete strategy that brings value to your offerings, authenticity to your brand, and reliability to your name. 

what's included

  • Optimal Posting times 
  • Hashtag strategy 
  • Copywriting 
  • Daily engagement
  • Monthly content planning 
  • Weekly reels 
  • Monthly reports 

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Digital Advertising 

Whether it’s through Google or Facebook, you don’t need to use the “boost” button to reach a wide audience. Instead, let us help you by using strategic marketing and intentional posts to ensure that your ads are reaching your target market and influencing their desires. 

Unica uses individual campaign strategies and clear objectives in conjunction with audience testing and creative ads. This means that we don’t use the same tactics with each client; instead, we learn from each experience and take that knowledge into each new venture. 

what's included

  • Campaign Strategy 
  • Clear Campaign objectives 
  • A/B Testing 
  • Social-first Ad creatives 
  • Ad Copy 
  • Monthly Analytic Reporting + Suggestions For Optimization

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Custom Content Creation 

You might know exactly who your company is and what you offer to the world, but your artsy side isn’t quite there. Leave it to us to make you custom-made graphics that align with your brand and message. We make sure to follow your branding down to the color font to creatively cultivate a picture to represent your business.

Your dream is to have someone see your graphics and know exactly who you are, what you offer, and where they can get your products. Unica will help you get there.

*Included with Social Media Management 

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