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Unica offers unique digital marketing resources to unique female-forward businesses who want to offer their ideas to the world. You deserve success, and the world needs what you are offering. Let us help you get there and enjoy the real results that come from working with real people who treat your business as their own. 

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She is professional, friendly, and accommodating

The owner/manager of Unica is a great creative that’s full of ideas with beautiful and elegant execution—perfect for the beauty industry. She is professional, friendly, and accommodating. Most importantly, she’s all in. She cares and she communicates on a regular basis. I can see that she’s tuned into my account, ready to adjust the plan according to response. It is so rare in this business to have someone in your corner who doesn’t make you feel like you’re in the dark and don’t know what’s happening next. We have developed an excellent rapport and collaborate well.

- Yael (CEO of ProMe Skincare)